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Employment Opportunities
at Cozy Home

Interested in employment at Cozy Home Childcare and Learning Center?

View our requirements and job opportunities below.

Job Requirements

18 years of age 

High school diploma/GED required

*AA degree or higher in one of the following areas 

Valid CPR and First Aid certifications (or willing to acquire training)

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Lead Teacher

Instructor, Lesson Plan, Assessments

As lead teacher, the responsibilities of developing and leading lessons for students goes to them. Cozy Home offers a rigorous curriculum for our students, ages two and up, so intentional instruction is essential. The lead teachers administer weekly assessments to aid in tracking the academic growth of our students. In addition to leading instruction, lead teacher’s duties include the following:

  • Develop schedule and lessons to guarantee that children have the required physical activity, rest, and playtime within the curriculum.

  • Watch for signs of emotional, social and developmental growth and concerns in children and bring them to the attention of staff and parents.

  • Develop activities aligned with the curriculum that allow children to learn from a global perspective and explore THEIR interests.

  • Maintain records of children’s progress, concerns, and interest to further track our students.

  • Tutor and enrich our school-age children before and after-school. Helping children with homework and school activities.

  • Knowledge of child cognitive, social, and skills development methods and techniques.

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Family Specialists

Instructor, Lesson Plan, Parent Communication

As Family Specialists, the responsibilities of guiding students through instruction and intentional play fall to them. Family specialists are the main connections between parents and children. They set a loving and caring environment so that instruction for our students can be managed from a perception of guidance. We aim to build independent learners and thinkers. Other responsibilities include:

  • Guide students to practice good hygiene practices leading to independence.

  • Monitor and guide the safety of children in care, encouraging exploration of curriculum content.

  • Using intentional instructional techniques in play that builds development.

  • Guiding babies and toddlers in basic concepts through play, by reading with them and playing with them.

  • Create a cleaning routine with children throughout the day that maintains all of the interactive areas to further push independence and responsibility.

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Home Assistants

Building Manager, First Contact, Operations, Parent Communication, Floater

As Home Assistants, the responsibilities of managing the building and being the first respondents for parents and staff belong to them. This position takes care of the housekeeping duties of the Cozy Home facility. Their duties include the following:

  •  Serving meals (Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner), to provide breaks for staff.

  • Greeting and Dismissal of children (sign in and sign out)

  • Provide parents with Daily reports, Newsletters, and any other documentation)

  • Scheduling conferences with parents to discuss family needs

  • Recruit parents for volunteer work with the children and participate in administrative meetings and
    program direction.

  • Oversee groups for children during rest periods, to provide breaks for staff.

  • Provide basic nutrition and hygiene services for infants and young children.

If you are willing to grow with us and help us execute our vision of elevating childcare's role in education, please email our 

Administrator, Kellie Jones. 


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Questions about enrollment or job opportunities? Reach out to us!

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