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About Us

Cozy Home Childcare and Learning Center's mission is to be an institution committed to serving the community through high-quality child care and education for infants through school-aged children. We focus on providing a safe, culturally inclusive, fun, hands-on learning experience for all children. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the role childcare plays in early childhood education and address any disconnect between parents and schools through supplemental education and direct communication. 

Meet Cozy Home's Founder

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Morgan Brown

Founder and CEO

Morgan Brown, Mother of two, Founder and CEO of Cozy Home Childcare and Learning Center LLC. 


As a mother that has been blessed to have an incredible village, I am passionate about creating safe spaces for children and ensuring that their social, emotional, mental, physical, and educational needs are met.


As an entrepreneur, I am in a constant state of learning and development. I am grateful for MORTAR Cincinnati and the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business programs that have added to my confidence and credibility as a business owner. It is important to me that we create an enjoyable work environment and develop a company culture where professionals are respected and fulfilled!

Meet Our Staff

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Dezerá Groppenbecker

Lead Preschool Instructor

Meet Dezerá Groppenbecker! Dezerá is Cozy Home’s lead instructor. As a lead instructor, Dezerá is primarily responsible for getting your kiddo ready for kindergarten. Dezerá is also a working mother. Her daughter is currently enrolled at Cozy Home Childcare and Learning Center and loves the facility. Dezerá exemplifies Cozy Home’s core values and philosophies as she believes that education is key. Having attended nursing school for a time, she promotes this idea with a caring hand that is curated for attending to your student’s growth and well-being.

Dionna Broados

Lead Infant and Toddler

Meet Dionna Broados, AKA Ms. DeeDee! Dionna is the lead instructor in charge of infants and toddlers specifically. Upholding Cozy Home’s exceptional standards of care, Dionna pays special attention to your young ones while also tailoring lessons that assist in early childhood development. (She also cleans up the occasional mess!) Dionna brings great energy to her role within Cozy Home as she has always had affinity for children and infants.

Kellie Jones


Meet Kellie Jones! Kellie is an administrator on the Cozy Home team. Kellie has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Not only does Kellie have the brains, but she also has the heart. She is a mother to four grown children and grandmother to three, giving her plenty of real-life experience. Additionally, Kellie is an Army Veteran who served as a chef for eleven years. During this period, Kellie received another degree in Culinary Arts while in Germany. Kellie is representative of the well-rounded individualism encouraged at Cozy Home Childcare and Learning Center, bringing her own individual flavor.

Kayla Mitchell

Assistant Early Preschool &

Preschool Instructor

Meet Kayla Mitchell! Kayla is an assistant early preschool/preschool teacher and family specialist, providing quality programming for your pre-preschool age, and preschool-age children. Kayla holds a bachelor’s degree in African American Studies and Sociology. Kayla has extensive experience in childcare, and before joining the Cozy Home team, worked with fifth and sixth graders at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, and then at Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy. Kayla is passionate about serving her community by providing high-quality childhood  learning that fosters growth and excellence.

Chiyanne Miller

Family Specialist

Meet Chiyanne Miller! Chiyanne is a family specialist for Cozy Home whose sole focus is preparing infants and toddlers for early childhood education. Chiyanne insists that children’s education is vital to their personal development, and this motivates her to focus on the individual growth of her students. She is passionate about providing quality care that encourages students to develop into well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world.

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